Till has been built to suit all types of restaurants and food outlets. Be it a multi-cuisine restaurant or a food truck, there are features that will fit perfectly to your business type. Get in contact to list what is most important for you and we will package deal that fits your priorities.

Top Features

Quick Transactions

With self customisable display of menu/catalogue on the POS place easy and quick orders through product grouping and search options. Also, top up orders with extras or deduct constituents within a product in a simple way.

Easy Payments

Accept card and cash payments in just a click of a button with discounts on the fly. You also have an option to track pending orders and keep a hold on final payments.

Automated Promotions

You don’t have to remember your promotions! Select a product or combination of products with an associated time-based deal that you can create on the dashboard. Till will automatically display the promotions while the order is being placed to alert staff.

Table Management

Customisable store layout to suit all business. Track orders made on each table with an option to place reservations for customers.

Delivery Management

Manage and track all delivery orders with an option to auto-populate existing customer details. Assign & pay delivery drivers per order and auto-complete delivery addresses for new customers.

Order Customisation and Tracking

Manage and track history of order transactions which are paid and not paid with comprehensive features to edit, cancel and pay revised and pending orders.

Customer Management

Create personalised customer experience with customer groups and launch a customer marketing campaign with targeted promotions via email and SMS from anywhere and at any time.

Employee Management

Create staff profiles and clock in IDs instantly with hourly rate for each employee and let Till calculate wages. Also track performance with simple consolidated views to track and monitor everything per staff member.

Inventory Management

Track inventory levels per transaction, manage suppliers and send automatic purchase orders for low-stock inventory.

Quick & Easy Setup

We will provide all the details and support required and have a technician set-up the system and get you started within minutes. Make up your mind and you are minutes away from having a personalised support system with Till.

Zero Training

User experience has always been our main focus. The average time taken and ease of use of every transaction you make has been carefully crafted. It is a software for all ages and addresses sensibilities of all levels of technology savvy individuals.

Data and Security

Have complete control and ownership of your data. All transactions that you make on the POS are fully protected for your privacy and you will have authority to add, update and delete everything on the tablet and dashboard at any time.

Analytics Driven Reporting

Till doesn’t only just provide administrative reporting, we make sure to think through all your needs to report data in the most convenient format to always be on track and make quick decisions. There are customisable reports to track all aspects of business sales, orders, accounting, customers, staff and many more.

Powerful Cloud Dashboard

The web dashboard is hub to everything you will need anywhere, at any time. You can now track live store performance with an easy and quick summary of all sales and orders. You can also view and export a wide range of analytics driven reports, customize your menu, add and update promotions, track your employees, launch a customer marketing campaign and much more.

Plans starting from as low as $39/month!

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