Make the 'hard' in hardware easy with Till POS!

TILL POS runs seamlessly on any Windows PC, Laptop, Note Book or Windows based Tablet. If you already have one of them, then you have your pos register sorted. Till is also compatible with industry standard point of sale hardware including printers, cash drawers, and barcode scanners.

Recommended Hardware

1. Any Windows Tablet / PC / Laptop / All-In-One PC

This device will act as your main terminal/register.

2. Thermal Receipt Printer (LAN/WLAN)

We currently support Star Micronics and Epson Model printers. Contact our friendly support team if you have a printer from a different vendor and want to know if it is compatible with Till POS.

3. Wi-Fi Router/4G Enabled Router

For Till POS to work at its best, you will require an internet connection. The router is one of the device your printer needs to be physically connected to via a network cable in order to receive remote receipts.

4. A Cash Drawer with RJ11 connection

Used for holding cash received during business, the cash drawer should be able to connect to a printer to receive the auto open signal on cash transactions.

5. Wi-Fi Extender

A extender can be used when the physical cabling is not feasible in your store. This can be used to send orders to a kitchen or a back end warehouse.